Earn Bitcoin cashback on top of your existing cards.
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Free Bitcoin in 3 easy steps

Link your card
Link an existing debit or credit card to activate cashback in-store.
Shop at a Retailer
Use your card at 120,000+ partner retailers.
Earn up to 40%
Receive cashback in Bitcoin or Cash after each purchase.

Stop leaving money on the table

Earn online or in-store when using your linked cards
Trade Bitcoin using cashback.
With as a little as $1 and without
pre-funding your account.
Coming soon...
Earn up to 8% APY in real time!
Earn interest on your Bitcoin in real-time. No limits on earning. Deposit Bitcoin from other wallets.
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Boost Cashback Daily
Double your earnings from partners daily.
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Earn automatic cashback

Taking Pei with you is as easy as linking your debit or credit card and shopping in-store to automatically earn!
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Earn automatically on everday purchases from 100,000+ retailers!

What our users say about us.

"Instantly became a favorite – it’s ridiculously easy to set up, and I don’t have to activate deals or make sure to check it. These guys have absolutely nailed it!"

“This app/rewards program is amazing! I’m telling all my friends and family because it is just SO easy to use! Only had it for a couple weeks but I’m really happy with it.”

“I use a lot of cash back apps as a practice. When I found out about Pei prior to release I was pumped- and that has not changed. First, and probably most importantly to the average user, it earns cash/crypto back FAST.”

“Pei is consistently rewarding you at the same places. They even bonus reward you for going to the same place 5 times.”

"I've used a few of these rewards style apps before but none of them compare to Pei. I constantly recommend Pei to people I know and they end up falling in love also."

I’ve earned almost $30 now just from going to my regular places like Target and Trader Joe’s, and have tried some new local restaurants I never would have tried otherwise as well.

“This app is one of the best things happen to bitcoiners for Financial future. No gimmick and no bs, just straight up earn sats while you are shopping which anyways you were doing.”

“I’m a huge fan of this app. Basically, you’ll make a small percentage on the money you’re already going to be spending. There is also bonus for every 5th visit to the same vendor.”

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